Multi-Award-Winning Reference Home Cinema Projectors with 4K Processing.

The JVC X series projectors are amongst the best performing and selling home theatre projectors in their price class, delivering substantial improvements in image quality and the industry’s highest native and dynamic contrast. They offer advanced D-ILA image processing, which is a Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) technology developed by JVC over fifteen years ago but far ahead of its time.


Bring True Cinema Home.

Panamorph’s ultrawide lens options realise the original format of your movies and maximise projector performance.

Panamorph was incorporated in 2007 and has since become the most recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand in the home theatre industry. Our history actually began even earlier when home cinema purists began searching for a high performance add-on lens system that could duplicate the film industry’s dramatic commercial cinema projection process of delivering a true widescreen experience without black bars. As a result, our patented hybrid cylindrical/prism lens systems overcame the limitations of older cylindrical designs to launch the new elite standard for digital projection that you have to see to believe. Our story is one of strong industry teamwork. Through years of collaboration with every leading home theatre projector, screen and digital processor manufacturer, anamorphic UltraWide 2.4:1 has become the premium theatre format because of our industry’s passionate desire to deliver the full impact of 70% of the most popular movies into our homes.

Over 70% of major motion pictures, especially in recent years, are produced in a format about 35% wider than the standard 16:9 aspect ratio of display screens. With an aspect ratio of about 2.30:1 and higher, these ‘UltraWide’ formats are rendered in 16:9 with black bars added above and below the image. The black bars waste the performance of the projector because they are created by turning off over half a million pixels in 1080p and over two million pixels on newer 4K (UHD) projectors. What’s worse is that an “off” pixel means your projector’s lamp light is blocked and turned into heat.

Collaboration between Panamorph and the world’s leading premier projector manufacturers, has brought cinema home by making a commercial cinema technology available to everyone. With a series of proven UltraWide lens options for Epson, JVC, Runco, Sim2, and Sony projectors, Panamorph can remove the black bars from UltaWide screens, reactivating wasted pixels to realise the full resolution of 1080 or 4K projectors and display UltraWide movies in their original format.

A Panamorph “anamorphic” lens is placed in front of the projector in UltraWide mode to optically reformat the image, typically by horizontally expansion. Panamorph lenses are supplied with optional manual or automated transports, sometimes called “sleds”, which move the lens out of the way for easy transition from the UltraWide 1080/4K format to the native 16:9 1080/4K format while retaining full projector performance.

Worth noting is a that most standard 16:9 screens wider than 3 metres cannot easily be installed in UK homes due to ceiling height restrictions. Quite apart from giving home cinema enthusiasts the real deal when it comes to aspect ratio, installers are choosing UltraWide screens to overcome this physical shortcoming. In these situations, Panamorph lenses are an indispensable enhancement.

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