What is Control4?

While there are many smart products available today, it isn’t until these devices work together in orchestration, that you experience the magic of a smart home.

From homes small to large, new and old, Control4 delivers power and performance on one platform that coordinates the technology in your house into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. With one touch, dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Or, check in on your home no matter where you are. It’s a smarter living experience that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. We call it, the New Normal.

One Room

The Ultimate One-room Entertainment Experience

Whether it’s to watch a movie, listen to music, or have friends over for the big game, the environment where you consume your entertainment should be relaxing, inviting, and free of technology chaos. With the Control4 Remote, get rid of all the remotes cluttering the coffee table and replace them with a universal remote solution that has the brains to control more than just your entertainment—such as the shades, temperature, door locks, and more.

One Remote to Rule Them All

Control4 one-room entertainment solution is the perfect starting point for your smart home. Enjoy a simplified one-room entertainment experience that consolidates all audio/video equipment into one remote that the whole family can use with ease.

Goodbye coffee table clutter.


Cue the Tunes

Advanced entertainment capabilities and high-resolution audio brings your favorite streaming music to your favorite spot in the house. Control4 offers native support of the most popular streaming services and AirPlay streaming to take advantage of dozens more. And when you’re ready, add the same exceptional sound throughout the entire house.

Music to the ears.

Not your Average Clicker

With one button-press, the movie starts, the overhead lights dim, and ambient fixtures soften to create a truly immersive experience in the family room or home theater. The Control4 SR-260 remote is so intuitive that the whole family—from kids to grandparents—will be able to operate it quickly and easily.

Hello entertainment oasis.

Smart and Scalable

Unlike other one-room remotes, the Control4 SR-260 has the power and intelligence to manage more than just your audio/video gear. You can even add control of shades, thermostats, door locks, and more, as you desire. Only Control4 offers support for nearly 10,000 consumer devices from world-class brands, so when you’re ready for a little more control—be it lighting, music, temperature, security, or something else–your system will be, too.

From one room to the entire house.

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