Security you can rely on

All of our high quality systems will enable you to view High quality content both locally and remotely via a Smart Device APP.

System sizes range from asingle camera systems, serving a driveway or front door, to 128 camera systems serving an industrial plant helping monitor.


We now offer total solution for retail industry that includes cameras, NVR, and video management system Navigator.


Our video management system solution provides services for hotel business including daily video surveillance, employee training aide, vehicle traffic control, average daily customer flow, and hotel security system.


We are constanly developing new products to meet the diverse requirements of the gaming industry. Our video management systems built for around-the-clock monitoring.


We are providing a complete solution from top to bottom for banking industry. Highly secured data storage with hot swappable RAID support ensures to deliver topnotch video quality at all times.


Distributed remote video monitoring at multiple sites, our IP video products can provide a complete solution for campus video systems.

Digital Home

Providing the ability to manage virtually any device in the home, even when away, digital home technology places the control in the homeowners’ hands.


In conjunction with high resolution IP cameras, access control system, we provide the best-of-breed total ANPR solutions to read vehicle registration plates.


Video surveillance of public transportation has become a necessity for many urban areas. Our mobile video solution provides comprehensive video coverage for transit vehicles and railway system.

Central Monitoring

We are providing a cost-effective TV Wall application solution on 24” HDMI monitors via video decoders.

Low Bandwidth Mode

Since IP surveillance videos consume most bandwidth space and affect daily internal MIS system operations, therefore, video management has been becoming a huge challenge to send videos via Internet in low bandwidth condition.

Baggage Claim / Production Line

Security solutions from us integrated with tracking systems not only automate the baggage-claim process as well as track & record in-process assembly information to meet security mandates.

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