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A network is a system that connects multiple computers together, so they can swap information back and forth.

You can share all kinds of data over a network from documents and emails to music, photos and video plus all sorts of devices such as printers, scanners, iPODs, Media Servers etc etc. Your broadband internet connection, should be shared so all the computers in your household can access the web at the same time.

Photos, music and more
Networking isn't just about computers either: with the right equipment we can also connect up your TV or link to your hi-fi so you can listen to your PCs music library.

Wired or wireless?
There are two types of network: wired or wireless.

A wired network requires you to physically connect each separate computer or device using cables, while wireless networks use a kind of radio wave to transmit data between machines without the need for leads. On a wired network, each device needs to have an ethernet (RJ-45) port virtually all PCs have this.

Each computer is connected to a central router, switch or hub by special ethernet cables. Its also possible though much less common to use serial, USB or firewire connections to link devices in a wired network.

Another option is special hardware, such as HomePlug, which makes it possible to use the network of electrical cabling and sockets that already exist in your home to transfer computer data between machines.

The wireless home
Thanks to wireless technology, networking is now more home-friendly than it used to be, not least because it means you no longer have to trail yards of ugly cabling from room to room in order to get connected.

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