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Architects Dome Cameras
  iridium silver  graphite  soft champagne  classic copper  

•      Attractive Design
•      Standard or High Res
•      Stunning Picture Quality
•      Choice of Metalic Finishes
•      Vari-Focal or Board Lens

The new architect's range of camera offers a superb choice for any installation...

It offers 3 individual camera models in 4 attractive metallic finishes.

Each metallic finish has been carefully selected to blend in with a wide range of environments both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the ever-popular silver and graphite finishes, the cameras are also available in metallics - Soft Champagne and Classic Copper.

Soft Champagne suits traditional buildings of stone or light brickwork as well as light interior dιcor whilst Classic Copper looks great against dark or red brickwork and wood finishes whether indoors or outdoors.

As well as the metallic finishes, the range includes the CAM100 mini dome with a 4.3mm board lens and two 3.5-8mm vari-focal standard domes.

The standard domes are available as a 420TVL mid-res option (model CAM102) or a high-res 530TVL (model CAM105).

With true colour reproduction during daylight hours, each camera has a built in photocell to automatically switch on in on-board IR LEDs for great night-time surveillance.


   Architects Dome Cameras
   Nite Devil with Bracket
   Advanced Cameras
   PTZ Cameras




Nite Devil with Bracket
NiteDevil sees in low light where other cameras can't !!
- complete with Wall Bracket
  Dome style Cameras  

•      On-screen Graphics
•      Internal or External Use
•      On-screen Graphics
•      Works in colour in lower light
•      Low Light Moonlight Mode
•      Vari-Focal 4-9mm Lens
•      High resolution - 550TVL
•      Superb Colour Reproduction
•      Ideal for bars & clubs.
•      Vandal Resistant Dome

Working in extremely low light contitions the NiteDevil produces exceptional results where other CCTV cameras wouldn't see a thing!

The popular Nite Devil electronics were originally developed for bars and nightclubs, as the light sensitivity of the NiteDevil is so good that it can retain a colour picture in very low light conditions.

With such stunning low light performance and the ability to capture colour images in low light situations, the NiteDevil is a great choice not only for nightclubs and bars but for any poorly illuminated external areas such as compounds, car parks and wasteland.

This version comes complete with a wall bracket.

   Architects Dome Cameras
   Nite Devil with Bracket
   Advanced Cameras
   PTZ Cameras




12mm Advanced Camera
Probably the UK's best selling CCTV camera
- over 70,000 units installed in the UK alone!


•      Outstanding Picture Quality
•      UK Made
•      No External Housings Required
•      1/3" B&W CCD
•      All-In-One unit, Saves Money
•      Tough Design
•      Supplied with lens & bracket
•      Waterproof
•      Digital Signal Processing
•      Frostproof

The Advanced-Vision Camera doesn't need any addittional enclosures, brackets, heaters or lenses to use it indoors or outdoors.

In fact, it's built to such a high quality, the lens & electronic section are sealed to a staggering IP67 rating, better than any camera in its class.

With an outstanding picture quality and choice of lens up to 12mm, the Advanced-Vision can be used in a wide range of applications, giving the installers who use it a significant price advantage over their competitors.

It's key features are:

A built in heater
Helps to prevent the lens frosting over on cold winter mornings, working down to an external air temperature of -25°C.

Attractive tapered design:
In conjunction with the built-in heater this design helps prevent the build up of snow on the camera minimising chances of impaired vision.

A tough resin filled interior:
The sensitive electronics of the camera are completely encased in a polymer resin to provide the ultimate protection against water ingress and shock. Unlike some other cameras, condensation is not a problem with the Advanced-Vision camera.

A UV stabilised lens cover:
Toughened to help prevent scratches and UV stabilised to prevent the camera lens from becoming 'opaque' due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

A roll off drip lip:
A cleverly engineered inner lens ring helps guide water around the lens rather than across it to maintain the optimum picture in heavy downpours.

A clever bracket arrangement:
This allows excellent movement on both the horizontal and the vertical plane as well as facilitating wall and ceiling mounting.

* when fitted as per instructions.

The Advanced-Vision Camera - Outstanding Picture Quality - Outstanding Value.


   Architects Dome Cameras
   Nite Devil with Bracket
   Advanced Cameras
   PTZ Cameras




PTZ ST-SP 35X Pro Dome
An attractive modern PTZ dome - Standard Speed - 35x zoom
+ IR Senstive - looks great on modern buildings!

•      35X LG Camera
•      Heater & Blower
•      Proportional Speed
•      Endless 360° Rotation
•      64 Presets & 6 Tours
•      Ultra Modern Design
•      True Day-Night Mech-Filter
•      Standard Speed - 15°/s
•      Built-in Pelco P & D & Others
•      Metal Case - Double lined

The smooth and sleek lines of the new PTZ505 dome coupled with the Iridium Silver finish add a touch of class to any install.

The camera used within this dome is a 35x Optical module with 500TVL resolution and mechanical day-night filter. This is made by LG electronics.

This dome is IR sensitive and can be used with IR illuminators.

The PTZ505T is a standard speed dome (rotating about 15°/s) and if its being used for remote monitoring purposes this can be the best choice as the slower rotation speed is easier to control remotely. With hi-speed domes that are controlled over the Internet by a DVR the operator needs to be very quick as the dome can do a full 360° in around 1 second!

If you need Alarm inputs and picture flip and a few other extra features have a look at the hi-speed domes that have these additional features. By using the alarm input module (Order code PTZ752) it is possible to add alarm inputs to the PTZ505T if required.

The Key features of this dome are as follows;

1- The module used within this dome is a 35x Mechanical day-night camera that is IR sensitive.

2- The Camera has a high resolution of 500TVL.

3- Attractive Iridium Silver case that looks great on modern buildings.

4- This dome can store up to 64 preset positions in non-volatile memory that are not lost with a power failure.

5- Standard speed rotation - rotating about 15°/s.

6- Six sets of tours (patrols) each with 16 preset positions.

7- Proportional pan function. The dome's travel speed will depend upon the extent of the zoom coverage. In telephoto zoom mode, the pan and tilt speeds will be slower for a given amount of joystick movement than that in wide zoom mode. This keeps the image from moving too fast on the monitor when there is a large amount of zoom coverage. This slowing down does not occur when going to a preset to retain dome performance. The minimum pan and tilt speeds are 0.1 degree per second at full zoom.

8- Proportional joystick control means if you "lightly" move the joystick on the keyboard the dome moves slowly, if you press harder then the dome moves faster. It's a similar principle to the accelerator pedal on a car and gives the operator more precise control of the dome.

The ExcelPTZ range as a whole

The new excelPTZ range provides unrivalled performance at the lowest possible prices with a dome to suit everybody's budget and requirements. Based all around the same decoder electronics, once you learn one of the excelPTZ domes you've learnt them all. This makes installation fast and efficient. Integrated multi-protocol means the excelPTZ range will work with most other equipment on the market straight out of the box.

Where would I use this dome?

The domes smooth and sleek lines, coupled with the Iridium Silver finish add a touch of class to any install, looking great on modern retail outlets or trendy industrial developments. All ExcelPTZ domes that state "Mechanical Day/Night" in the specification are IR sensitive as is the PTZ505T.

What can you use to control the dome?

The domes can be controlled with either a keypad or directly by a suitable DVR. If the DVR that controls the domes has a remote monitoring facility that allows itself to be controlled over the internet, you will be able to control the domes from anywhere in the world! A suitable DVR for this kind of application is one of the AlienDVR range.

Several different keyboards are available to control the excelPTZ range. When referring to keyboards, "2-D" generally means the joystick lever can Pan & Tilt the camera. "3-D" means the joystick lever can Pan, Tilt and Zoom the camera without pressing any other keys. This means that 3-D keyboards give a better one-handed control over domes than 2-D keyboards. On a 2-D keyboard one hand generally is used to direct the dome and the other hand presses the zoom in and out button, the 3-D joystick can be operated all with one hand.

What protocols can I use with this particular dome?

All the ExcelPTZ range of domes uses the industry standard Pelco D&P plus extra ones. This particular dome can use the following list of protocols;

1- Pelco-D 2- Pelco-P 3- SAMSUNG 4- B01 5- NEON 6- PANASONIC 7- Longcomity 8- HUNDA-600 9- LiLin 10- VICON 11- MOLYNEX 12- KALATEL 13- VCL 14- ALEC 15- ULTRAC

Note about protocol compatibility!

Whilst most features can be checked between different protocols many manufacturers bring in new features all the time and it is impossible to guarantee that the dome would be 100% compatible with every protocol feature. As Pelco-D is a more defined and mature protocol we recommend that this is what you use. We actually set the dome to Pelco-D 2400 as its factory default. Most DVR's and keyboards also support this common protocol so we strongly suggest you stick to it.